All dark down there. All dark, deep and quiet. Dark like black-holes in the sky. That’s the way I love it. That’s the place I love to be in, rather I rightly fit in. Sometimes I wonder why. Only one answer I get, that’s the place that leads me to search for something. Do you wonder why? Why a place full of light does not attract me? Actually it does not let me have a chance of my favorite search. I love light. I’d love to search it. And brightness never creates need of search of light what that pitch dark does.

Sometimes it freaks me out that my turn on factors turn me off most and vice versa. Like I love to live in a complete silence environment ‘cause I love chaos. Yeah, I think chaos is the most beautiful thing in this world. Chaotic things that are every little things that come out of imperfection made each of us different, different from robots and made everything so so much beautiful.

Again, I love to connect. Connect with people, animals, trees, stones… with everything. Probably this is the reason I love to be alone, all alone.

Actually there’s an inner me that conflicts with everything happening all around. Such as, if people tell me life is beautiful, you must feel alive by recognizing beauty and truth; I’d tell I feel alive by experiencing pain, feeling death. Again, if people say, death is the final destiny, that’s the way you free from all the bondages, I’d say life is the most important thing and the way you live it makes your death significant, rather death bounds all the creative powers inside you. Even sometimes my inner me stands up against my outer me.

That’s the way I was, I am and probably I will be.