I remember a face

From a half-waked dream

Gazing at the sky

Heard a scream

A quiet night

Wind is blowing high

Mind is whimsical

Lost in time

A distant star

Lost in clouds

Sound of silence

I have found.


A calm pain

A spark of fire

A drop of blood

A burning desire

A chaotic life

A peaceful death

Twinkling dreams

Nailed my bed

All I say road of destruction

Finally will lead you to

A strange creation


A bleeding heart

A numb pain

Some broken thoughts

Loaded in my brain

A deep feeling

Lost in time

Darkness is all

Left to shine

A bleeding heart

A numb pain

This pain is running

Through my veins

A painted canvas

Grew old pale

Again I’m going

Back to my shell

A bleeding heart

A numb pain

Am I drowning

In wild rain

An empty glass

Filled with dreams

A screaming silence

A silent scream


Lost in the maze

Maze of a lost time

Listen to the whisper

Talk of a mime

Tears are falling like rain

Found a tear’s crying

After the darkness

A blue light shines

Those mild teardrops

Let the sadness go

Behind this door of reality

A voice heard low


Lose the control

Let the dreams flow

There is a hidden meaning

Oh let me show

Keep on walking

Do not stop here

Lament has a tune

Let your heart cheer


All the mystic smoke

Riot right here

Burn out in the flames

Do not thy fear

Ashes hold the secret

Secret of life

Into the deep unknown

Oh thy dive

Here is the door

Travel space and time

Death is the fire

Who let the life shine


O thy bird

Sing the requiem once more

I will ride the snake

And walk through the door

A gentle touch

A warm kiss

Lay thou here

In a complete peace