A Dream

From this devastated hatred

Finally love will reborn

World will be healed again

No matter how badly it is torn

From this countless teardrops

And endless night of pain

Oneday happiness will rise

Dreams will peep again

Though now the ground is blooded

But soon thy bird will fly, the white dove

And world will be one like Imagine

Filled with peace and love

Going with the Flow

Staying with the river as it flows,
Our hearts pounding as the paddle rolls.
Staying in the boat with every blow,
to this climate our hearts begin to grow.

Staying with this river there is a leak,
our hearts pounding at the peak.
Staying in the boat through every bad streak,
our hearts are pounding like a humming birds beak.

Staying with the river as it moves,
our hearts are finally getting in the groove.

Staying in the boat through the rocks,
our hearts are almost locked.

Staying with the river down the fall,
our heart is finally calm after all.


Before there was light

Before the birth of dust

Before the inception

With my heart I chose the words

Before the earth was made

Before the origin of time

I stood with you in the rain

And added a little rhyme

Before hatred was born

Before mankind fought

In the depth of your eyes

I found the secrets I sought

Before there was light

Before the birth of dust

I wrote this poem for you

And hid it in my heart


Fuck the light

Let me dream

In this dark

Here I scream

They says knowledge

Is the light

But in the shadows

Of my sight

I find the wisdom

I find the depth

I am lunatic

Dark is all I ever crave

To me dark is

Where we blind

Where we all equal

Purest mind

Light is chaotic

Dark is peace

Dark my mind

Dark my speech