Dark closed cold cell,
Somewhere in distant bell ringing
Evanescing the sound,
He heard the sound,
He closed his eyes,
Tied his hands are
Chains on leg,
Too dark to look into his eyes,
No one knows what’ in there,
For a while now
The bell had stopped,
It’s all silent again,
Deep calm silence
Like death,
His sigh broke the silence,
At the same time in those mountains
A wolf howled,
He slowly opened his eyes,

Who is he?
Do you know?
You are wrong,
You do know him
So do I,
We all know that chained person,
He is the fire,
He is the spirit, the wind
The wind that used to
Blow through our blood,
He is the song
That used to make us wild
He is the dream, the craziness
That we forget as we grew up,
He is the child, the insane child
Waiting for the summer rain,

Do you remember him now?
Yes you do
Now open the door
Walk out in the ground
Look at sky
Spread your arms wide
And now scream, SCREAM
Scream for your dream
Close your eyes
See that dark cell
That chained man
Now you can look into his eyes
Its dark but still you can see his eyes
See, his eyes are determined
Look, his muscles are strong now
And now he is trying,
He almost breaking out of the chain,
Can he do it? Can he?
Well if you trust on him, then yes, he can
Just keep the faith,
He can do it
And look, he is about to...