Lost in the Maze of Search

Every time I find time, time to waste, time to loose, loose my mind from all the bondage of my surrounding I dive into the deep ocean of search.
Last night when a sudden load-shedding cut the cord of my mind off connecting with the higher notes of 'Echoes' by snatching away the power of my computer I came on the roof under the vast hollow sky studded with blinking small lights of far far away. I put my hand in my pocket for matches and started to release chains of smoke and like an weightless feather jumped into the ocean.
First thing came to my mind was Keats and his words, "Truth is beauty, beauty truth." So the first wave of the ocean that rolled over my mind was the tide of 'Truth'. I tried to figure out what is the actual truth. In the search I found an big white flag holding high. Wind was rattling through the flag trying to blow it away but the flag was waving in the restless wind being strong, calm yet bold. I concentrate on that giant white flag.
Suddenly I found the white flag is transformed into cotton-white whimsical clouds floating in the dark blue sky. Those floating clouds waved my mind into the land of 'Dreams'. I felt dream, yeah, dream is the truth. Truth is something that stands for ever all along. Don't these dreams also last for ever? Even after long time the death of the dreamer? I realized Truth and Dreams are just two sides of a coin.
While drowning in the tides of dreams I found 'Beauty'. An eternal joy flowing out of my mind. I was drowning in that beauty. I saw all people in a single row, all for one one for all, all together so happy. So much beauty in that bond of mankind.
I didn't even realise when the waves of beauty brought me to the stream of 'Love'. Only one phrase running through my vain was, "Love the people..."
Being tied in that tide of bond of Love i experienced a Divine joy, a power almighty, I found 'God'.
So, I started to swim in the waves in search for God. I found belief, trust, then religion. Then i saw men fighting for religion an dying define and protecting it. Then I found an over power, a dictator that turns that belief into a disbelief, an agitation. God seemed like a selfish, stupid, idiotic belief, nothing but a fucking asshole. I reached to the calm and profound roaring waves of Atheism, I found an 'Atheist'.
I swam to dipper waves in search for that Atheist. I again found all the people in a row, all equal, no one to over power anyone. I found the greatest love inside that disbelieve. There all stand for each other, everyone sees himself in the image of everyone. And like that I also found my image in the face of every single people, I found myself.
As I went to more deep in search of myself instead of heavier I felt lighter. I saw a something in distance. As I went closer I find a white flag waving in the wind. That flag I saw before, once again I reached at the stream from where I began the search, the 'Truth'.
From then on I have trying to figure out how could all these inter-related. It's really strange when you lost in an infinite maze of loops. I couldn't explain what I experience last night. Can you? Search for truth, you shall find dreams, search for dreams you shall find beauty, search for beauty you shall find love, search for love you shall find god, search for god you shall find an atheist, search for an atheist you shall find yourself, search for yourself you shall find the truth again...