Desolation Row

Once I received a postcard of the hanging

I packed my bag and left the town

While crossing the bridge I saw them throwing

The king’s golden crown

And the defeated riot squad

They’re again starting to dream, you know

We all want you again here with us

In Desolation Row

Cinderella, she seems so happy

With a hope she smiles

Then she starts playing her mouthorgan

Zimmerman style

And in comes Romeo, he's reciting

"Deep in my heart I do believe"

And someone says, "You're in the right place, my friend

You need not to leave"

And the only sound that's left

After the wind blow

Is we all singing together

In Desolation Row

Now it is almost midnight

We are singing for you

The fortune telling lady and the Good Samaritan are with us

Ophelia and disguised Einstein too

The jealous monk joined us today

He’s playing what he used to play long ago

His electric violin all over again

On Desolation Row

We are writing this letter to you

With hope but don’t know if you’ll get it though

In case you’d like to know where we posting it from

It’s Desolation Row