That's me,
Wrapped in chain,
Lost in the fight
All over again,
laying in shadow
I'm all alone,
No hope left
In these broken bones,
All I wish
To stand in rain,
It'd hide my tear
Wash away my pain,
Some equations
Unsolved in my brain,
I lost my track
In my memory-lane,
Please help me
O my friend,
Help me to stand
Break these chains,
O my friend
Stand by me,
Help me in fight
I wanna be free.

Yeah, this is me... Wrapped in chains, in clod silent dark, broken, bruised, shattered, just breathing somehow, trying to grab the last ray coming through my window, talking to my own shadow hoping to be rescued someday.
But I ain't the only one. This is your father, your mother, your sister, your brother, your best friend... Well, no matter who you are, saint or sinner, at some point of your damn life you've must thought that most of the people in the world are deprived, they should get more, they are being fooled by society, though each of them are literally independent, yet they're practically been chained in every aspect. Is that all? Your thoughts stop right there? No more further thinking? Wait a minute. Clam your mind. Recalculate these all. Try to see all the pictures from a different frame. Think again. Don't you wonder? If not, then think again. I can bet you're shocked now. Yup, this chained, numb, confused person is you too; lost all over again and again in the battle against this fucking society. There are always a million issues where you found a wall always there to stop you right at the beginning. That's why sometimes at the middle of the night you wake up and scream out silently-
"I wanna live, I wanna grow,
I wanna see, I wanna know,
I wanna share what I can give,
I wanna be, I wanna live..."

Have you ever thought why you lost, what the wrong have you done, why these fucking chains all around you choking you slowly and silently, why these walls are closing in? If you wanna get rid of this exile from life, you first gotta think what these chains, these walls are made of. Yes. you're right. They ain't no physical chains or walls. All these craps are around your mind that confine you in the dark. And these chains and walls are made of nothing but your fears. The greatest trick that this freaky society ever played with you was making you afraid of. If you think deeply can you find what actually you're afraid of? Ya, you even don't know what you're afraid of, but you're full of fear. You've always been taught you gotta walk through these specified preexisting paths, otherwise something bad may happen. But what the bad would happen you've never been told. It's your fear that's stopping you every time. That's why you're afraid of change, you're afraid of breaking rules. But now enough, break it, break the chains, break down the wall! C'mon let's try what the taste of actual freedom is, how it feels to be myself. Well, I'm telling you how to cut these chains and break these walls down. The only thing you need is believe. Just believe yourself. Don't forget that these rays of hope can cut this fear into pieces. Be yourself, be fearless, show the world your power, bring the wind of change.

Wish your profile picture in life-account will be changed into...


  The Nashville Friend

March 2, 2010 at 4:24 AM

I never knew inside that funny guy such a deep man exists. I'm simply speachless. Carry on your images n words. I need it. We need it


March 2, 2010 at 5:09 AM

Andy, U Rock !!!


March 2, 2010 at 5:27 AM is how far we are living