Lost and Found

He’s digging,
Digging with his bare hands,
Old pale hands are shaking yet firm,
His eyes filled with dust, almost blind,
He’s digging deeper and deeper,
Something’s lost,
Lost in in the folds of depth somewhere,
Lost in life of everyday somewhere,
Lost in so deep that
He even forgot what it was,
Was it water?
May be;
No, he shook his head
Not water;
Something else,
Though not water it’s a stream,
He started to feel it
In his breathes,
In his heart beats,
He started to dig fast,
Now he felt it in his blood running through veins,
He remembers now,
Remembers what he lost,
There’s a smile of his face,
Spark in his old, almost blind eyes,
He found his lost fire,
He found his words,
He found himself,
He found the truth,
He found back the imagination.